Radio-mic All Saints has the opportunity to improve our communication to the congregation (and beyond). At least, that’s one way to put it.  More often than not, the opportunity to communicate well feels more like a challenge; and a significant one at that. 

Below is our first attempt at something new towards this end. A brief (in this case, 5 minute) podcast. Congregant/reporter-at-large Toddy Burton talks to Bill about how All Saints approaches the issue of communication, and what new approaches may be in the works. 

Like I said, it’s a first attempt.  See what you think.  And respond.  We’ll be posting this on our podcast page too, but the nice thing about putting it here on the blog is that you can comment on what you’ve heard.  Effective communication involves listening too. We want (and need) to hear.

Is there something you’d like addressed in a future “episode”?  Post a comment.  Posting not your thing? Feel free to email me