Piedras Negras, Mexico


I forget the little things. And sometimes the truth about the little things is that they’re really big. Worship. Work. Service. Community. Rest. We have these simple elements in our lives that we (read: I) either take for granted or ignore altogether. Sometimes it takes getting out of your life to remind you what’s vital to that life in the first place.

The All Saints trip to Piedras Negras last weekend reminded me of many things. But mainly, of the weight some foundational experiences play in our lives. Beginning the day early, in the Word and in worship. Hard work. Laughter, food, and reflections with friends. Deep rest. So often, I approach a service project thinking about how much I will help others. I always learn how much service helps me.

Our small(ish) group (21 adults, 3 youngsters) visited the Crossroads ministry on the border town of Piedras Negras, Mexico, helped in their efforts to build a community of homes and assisted in their Medical Missions and children’s ministry. The experience was a life-giving reminder.

View a selection of photos from our time there here