Inhabiting Our Space: Liturgy Changes, Part 3

Inhabiting Our Space: Liturgy Changes, Part 3

*This is the third of a three-part series on changes to our liturgy. Read the last two posts here.*

The third, and final new liturgical dance step to introduce is the simplest and requires the least explanation – kneeling. There is a kneeler on almost every chair as well as one beneath the communion rail at the front of the sanctuary. No one has to kneel at any point in worship if they don’t want to. Remember, “whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” (Rom 14:23) But also remember Saint Augustine’s maxim: “All may, none must, some should.” Apply that to kneeling in worship. If it helps you more fully offer yourself to the Father in the Son by the Spirit, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t. But bodily movement and physical posture in worship are important. We’re not just spirits; we have bodies and what we do with our bodies impacts our souls.

Here are the four times when we will kneel together as Christ’s body: prior to worship, at confession, at the Prayers of the People, and during the Eucharist prayer (after singing the Sanctus until through the Lord’s Prayer or when you get up to walk forward). Our services will begin with a processional hymn at 9:15 and 11:00; ten minutes prior to that a pastor will stand up and welcome everyone by inviting them to observe a time of silence to prepare for worship. The time of preparation will conclude with a brief prelude. Those who wish to kneel and pray during this preparation can do so then, as well as at confession, the prayers, and during communion. Some may even desire to take communion and then resume kneeling to pray after they have returned to their seats.

One other addition that is not a liturgical element, but flows from worship is that following both services All Saints pastors and elders will be available in the chapel (different from the sanctuary and located just outside the children’s wing) to counsel and pray with anyone who’s interested in doing so.

There are the changes: offertory, Gospel procession, kneeling… and prayer in the chapel. Like any dance you can be told what to do, but it takes doing the steps to truly learn them. See you Sunday (9:15 & 11:00) at our dance.


Look for this symbol in your bulletin to indicate when we will kneel together.Look for this symbol in your bulletin to indicate when we will kneel together.