Prayers of the People

Prayers of the People

First of all, I want to mention a brief word of thanks to all of the All Saints’ staff for the substantial work they put in over the last several months to bring our first Sunday of two services at two locations to fruition. The day was a wonderful success
and it was so in large part due to the staff’s giftedness and faithfulness.

Secondly, the Prayers of the People offered and led in each of our services this past Sunday were two of the highlights of our worship January 6. Both prayers thoughtfully reflected upon the gifts that the Lord has given to our church throughout the past year and all of the prospects and challenges that lie ahead of us in the coming year.

We’ve posted both Jordan Dwelle’s prayer from the morning and Steve Britt’s prayer from the evening below. If you were at the morning service I encourage you to listen to the prayer from the evening and vice versa. Hopefully listening to the prayers can be a means of connection with the service you don’t usually attend. Each prayer thoughtfully and biblically reflects upon who we are as a church – our history, our future, our gifts, our weakness, our fears, our needs, and our hopes – all in the context of Jesus’ incarnation, cross, and resurrection.

Morning Prayer:

Evening Prayer:

And please pray for each of our services, following the example of Jordan and Steve’s words, as our church moves forward this spring with the many developing opportunities we have before us to serve our Lord in the city of Austin.