a theology of food

“We have made a bad habit of pitting the physical against the spiritual. And by we, I mean the western church in general, and you and I in particular. If God had been interested in a purely ‘spiritual’ world, he would have created one. But God was not interested in a merely spiritual world; he was interested in a physical one as well: a dusty, weighty, tangible world. 

Each Sunday we gather to worship a risen Christ, whose body rose from beneath the earth, with dirt beneath his nails. And each Sunday we remember his death and resurrection with nothing less than a feast. This is no accident. What does it mean that God chose to use food as a means of his remembrance? What does this mean about food? What does this mean about grace? What are the implications for how we live our lives in the world, or how we view vocation? I hope you will join us as we explore these questions together at Grace & the Table: A Theology of Food, January 28th, 2012.”

John Perkins

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