Reflections on Slovakia

Slovakia. I just can’t get it out of my head. My heart won’t seem to let go. I didn’t expect that to be the case when I signed up to work at an English Camp along with another member of All Saints (Gretchen Bixler) and 3 members of Redeemer. Our primary objectives were to lead classes at an English Camp for middle school students, develop relationships with students and members of the Mission to the World (MTW) team, and serve as general support for the MTW team as they work to transition the leadership to a team composed primarily of Slovak nationals.

The work was not always easy. We were met with language barriers, cultural differences and jet lag from a long flight across the Atlantic. One morning I accidentally ordered tuna and onions for breakfast (long story involving varying menus and my insistence on attempting the order in Slovak – note: it is best to point at the menu when ordering food in a foreign country).

My time in Trnava served as a reminder that God’s promises are true. It was encouraging to see the way the permanent MTW team continually pulled together in the face of obstacles, most of which were more significant than ordering tuna for breakfast. As the ministry in Trnava grows and changes, it continues to need our prayers and support. To learn more about what the Lord is doing in Slovakia, visit the Lundgaards’ blog or watch the video at the top. I would love to speak with you more about what God is doing in Slovakia and how he used the country and its people to change my heart.