Woodshop Project Update from Perú


Greetings from Trujillo and from Peru Mission.  For those of you who remember when folks from Peru Mission came to Austin last fall, I thought you might enjoy a little update.
We visited the Parish Woodshop Tuesday afternoon.  There was a distinct sense of hopeful anticipation — they just sent their first shipment of high-end, handcrafted furniture to New York to be featured in two international exhibitions, March 26-30 and May 13-17.  You may enjoy seeing their marketing website, but you can follow them better from Peru Mission's website and quarterly newsletter.
It was a joy to see the three American missionary-woodshop managers and the six Peruvian craftsmen hard at work, making beautiful furniture pieces using Peruvian woods the world has never seen in the marketplace… not to mention the framework of sustainability and business principles built on gospel truths.  As it has been from the beginning of the Peru Parish Woodshop Project, the group is still waiting to see if it will continue to support itself.  So far, the Lord has paved the way through His divine providence and provision.  Please pray that the Lord would cause this economic development project to flourish and to continue to provide consistent salaries for its workers.  As the furniture hits the market this spring, it is another make-or-break crossroads for the project.  I think we're all looking forward to seeing how the Lord will work through this project and through His people for His glory.
David Breeding
All Saints Missions Correspondent