Steven Garber, how to keep on keeping on

 “If faith does shape vocation which does shape culture, then it is crucial to take the time to ask and answer the perennial questions that everyone asks and everyone answers, such as what do I believe about faith, vocation and culture? Those three words take us into realms that are difficult to fully fathom—and yet to understand them is central to human flourishing.” Steven Garber

Comment Magazine, edited by Gideon Strauss, seeks to apply a biblical worldview to the intersections of business, government, arts, culture, education, and work.  Each week they publish a brief interview with someone at work in any number of these fields.


The current interview with Steven Garber is well worth a read. Garber is the Director of The Washington Institute and the author of The Fabric of Faithfulness, which he summarizes as follows:

"The heart of its analysis and argument is that there are habits of heart that sustain people over time, so that the question of "forming moral meaning" is not rocket-science. People who keep on keeping on are men and women who (1) develop a worldview that can make sense of life, giving us the possibility of living with "the grain of the universe," the truth about God, the human condition, and history—against the challenge of a pluralizing, secularizing world; (2) find a mentor, a teacher, who embodies the worldview we are beginning to call our own, with grace and hospitality allowing the truest learning to take place, the over-the-shoulder, through-the-heart kind; and (3) commit to a community of like-minded, like-hearted people who together, over the course of years, are an incarnation of that worldview—even as we stumble along, clay-footed as we necessarily will be. The question for all of us is finally: can we sustain our beliefs—or will time and circumstance wear them out, causing us to become worn out?"

We have a couple copies on the book table.  See what you think.