Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, 1936-2009

At All Saints we emphasize speaking the truth in love.  We want to love those around us and so we present the truth, but we do not assume that it is love to water down the truth either.  Simply put, we try to get out of the way of the Gospel as we present it to our society.

One of the exemplars of this way of relating the truth was Father Richard John Neuhaus, who passed away yesterday, January 8th, after decades of Christian service.  It's hard to overstate how important his journal, First Things, is for becoming a thoughtful Christian.  Despite the breadth of the journal's coverage – literature, film, politics, ethics, philosophy, theology, etc. – it has remained quite matter-of-fact about life and faith and has always been accessible, no doubt through Neuhaus' skillful guidance as the journal's editor-in-chief.

Neuhaus also worked with numerous Protestants to achieve goals and defend Christianity in the public square.  In addition to his role at First Things, he was also a devoted Priest and thoughtful writer.  Christians everywhere are already writing their reflections on the man, and how he set an example for all of us hoping to speak truth in love.

His article "Born Toward Dying" has been republished online by First Things, and is available here.