Women's Wine & Cheese; Courtney Moss

Women’s Wine & Cheese; Courtney Moss

As I got ready for the Women’s wine and cheese I glanced over the evite one last time to make sure I would know enough people to get me through the evening.  Though the majority of “my group” wasn’t going, I had one ‘staple’ there I could count on just in case I showed up and found myself knowing no one, meeting no one, and alone in a room full of people who appeared to be longtime friends.  I told my husband goodbye, checked my outfit one last time, picked up my cheese and fruit (a stress in and of itself), and headed out the door, alone.

This was my first wine and cheese event. In fact, after being at All Saints for over a year, this would be only the second women’s function I’ve attended.  I prefer the family/young couples oriented events where, if all else fails, I can find my husband, hold a baby or talk to kids.  Kids have no idea you are nervous, insecure, or worried about fitting in. They just want to know if you like Star Wars. 

As I walked into Mary Jane’s house I luckily spotted my ‘staple’, and
then overheard someone say “See, I should have made mine look more
presentable” as I passed by with my tray (YES! They think mine is
presentable).  Two worries were out the door and things were already
looking up.  I was also relieved to see people wearing name tags
because, let’s be honest, there are so many people we recognize and
just can’t remember their name. 

I quickly found myself in great conversation with two women I had met
before but hardly knew.  This led to more conversations with people I
didn’t know but thoroughly enjoyed talking with. One even turned out to
be from ‘the south’, had gone to a SEC school, lived in Christchurch,
New Zealand like myself, and was new to Austin and All Saints.  That
was a lot to find in common with a perfect stranger, someone I now call
my friend. 

I soon noticed people were leaving, and I was astonished at how fast
the time passed and how much I relished my evening.  I didn’t even need
my ‘staple’.  Not bad for someone stressed about what to wear, worried
I would have no one to talk to, and confident I would make an early

All in all the evening was a great success. I was blessed with the
chance to meet more of the women of All Saints and reminded of how
fortunate I am to belong to such a wonderful body of believers.  Being
new to Austin, it is apparent that the Lord is at work right here in
our community.  I am already looking forward to the next event and the
women’s retreat this fall.

Courtney Moss