Wine & the PMF rule of healthful drinking

Wine & the PMF rule of healthful drinking

The Bible mentions wine a lot. Consider:

  • Prov. 20:1; Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.
  • John 2:9-10; When the master of the feast tasted the water now become wine, and did not know where it came from (though the servants who had drawn the water knew), the master of the feast called the bridegroom and said to him, “Everyone serves the good wine first, and when people have drunk freely, then the poor wine. But you have kept the good wine until now.”
  • Rom. 14:21; It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble.
  • Eph. 5:18; And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit
  • 1 Tim. 3:8; Deacons likewise must be dignified, not double tongued, not addicted to much wine…
  • 1 Tim. 5:23; No longer drink only water but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.

Wine is present in our worship service each week.  Wine is more and more prevalent in our culture.  And yet, many who imbibe grew up without any real positive teaching or examples of how to receive and enjoy drink (and food) with thanksgiving and wisdom.  And it can be difficult to find an appropriate “balance.”  When should or should not one drink?  How much is appropriate?  How often?  What is healthy? 

Recently I ran across an article in Bon Appetit that struck me as particularly interesting and helpful in terms of questions like these. Read the article here & let me know what you think.