Cook for a Crowd, Cook for a Friend; Recap by Leslie Chiang

Cook for a Crowd, Cook for a Friend was the first in the series of Learn About It! events for women. More details, including how to sign up for this week’s opportunities, are available here.

The tour began with the bathroom. The BATHROOM. Mary Jane wanted to show us how even the bathroom can be a welcoming place for guests. By keeping toilet cleaner and a brush in plain sight, anyone can do a quick once-over to keep the space neat and clean for everyone. I would have never thought about this before. It’s just not pretty to have Clorox sitting out. What would that look like? What would people think about me?

The thing is, it’s actually not about me. It’s about them. That’s what Mary Jane told us. “It’s not about your house or your cooking. It’s about welcoming people into your home and being sensitive to their needs. It’s about SERVING, not being served.”

I signed up for this Women’s Learn About It–Cooking for a Crowd thing because, quite honestly, a) I needed a break from the kids, and b) Mary Jane is a darn good cook. I expected a cooking lesson of sorts, but turns out I got alot more than that. I got to meet and interact with about 10 other great women. I was reminded of the real reason I have people in my home. Oh, and I did learn how MJ makes her own salsa and I walked away with a few of her favorite recipes. If you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll hook you up.

Leslie Chiang