7 Deadly Sins – The Journal


The All Saints journal project on the Seven Deadly Sins arrives next Sunday (December 13). This 24 page digest explores each of the sins as we considered them together over the fall through original photography and writing. The journal marks All Saints first foray into the realm of “publishing,” and is hopefully the first of many more similar efforts to come. Easy to read, devotional, and pleasing to the eye – this tiny tome also makes a great gift. They’ll sell for $5. If you’re not in Austin and would like one, just email me and we can arrange for it. 


"There is a long history of building towers to make a name for oneself, one’s city, or one’s people. In Austin, the newest
tower is 208 m (683 ft) and reputedly the tallest residential structure west of the Mississippi. Said tower pales next to the Empire State Building, which rises 381 m (1250 ft). Both are dwarfed by the Burj Dubai tower, which rises 818 m (2684 ft) over that middle-eastern boomtown.

Biblically speaking, towers serve as indicators, metaphors even, for what Ecclesiasticus refers to as the “beginning of all sin,” — pride. As a friend put it, “Dallas (and its towers) stands as a monument to the hubris of man.” And really all towers and cities do the same.

It’s easy to scan the built landscape and begin to think that human pride looks less like sin and more like axle grease, a necessary lubricant to provide for the smooth and upward mobility of mankind…" (from Pride).