Changing of the guard


Based on what I've heard from both Melissa and Bill, the All About All Saints membership class has enjoyed a good conversation about the role of women in the church – substantial and also gracious. That seems to be mostly true of the broader conversation going on in the PCA. To add to the mix is this brief article from Covenant Seminary President Bryan Chapell in ByFaith magazine.

"In essence, nothing changed at this year’s General Assembly regarding the role of women in the PCA. Attempts to limit roles were defeated. Attempts to discuss roles were also defeated. The only change that I observed was a changing of the guard. Beneath the notice of most was the clear evidence of a generational shift in those pastors and ruling elders who were serving on the Overtures Committee and many of the Committees of Commissioners. This can only spell good things for our church’s future as those who have often felt left out of denominational efforts clearly made an effort to make a difference with active participation, persuasive words, and significant numbers. Such efforts will guide where we ultimately go."