Knowing is for What?

Summer-holiday There’s a sermon series this summer. Or is it a book? Something that the church is doing all together. Reading together maybe. What’s the deal? Is this just an effort to keep us all busy? To keep our minds active and away from reading something less glorifying (like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies)? I certainly hope not. Who is Sinclair Ferguson and why are we reading some book he wrote in 1981?

The longer you attend All Saints, the more you will (hopefully) come to appreciate the fact that not much is arbitrary. Quite the contrary. The actions of our church (right down to who caters the picnics) are considered and implemented with thoughtful care. As Christians we embrace creation. It is, after all, a reflection of God’s glory. But we also hold the things of this world loosely in awareness that they are merely signposts of what’s to come. As such, All Saints makes plans with a gentle humility. Because in the end, nothing ever turns out how you think it will. And with that in mind, we begin something new. Something to engage with and grow us together, in ways both anticipated and unexpected. 

This week, we resume our series of audio podcasts in the hopes of continuing to open up the internal processing of All Saints’ decision-making. Bill discusses the thought process behind our summer reading and education. Please listen and respond with questions or comments for future podcasts.