Aprons and Asparagus

Jeni When my grandmother died she left me a large collection or aprons, some cookbooks and table linens.  She clearly knew something about me that I had yet to discover, because, at the time, I couldn’t make a grilled cheese without setting off the smoke alarm in my apartment.  In the years since her death, I have grown to love cooking as a pretty great hobby. Along the way, I’ve become a decent cook (I am still no Julia Child).

I would feel like I was lying if I didn’t mention the fact that the initial appeal of cooking for me was born out of my selfish desires to impress others with my knowledge and skill.  But somehow, when I fell down the culinary rabbit-hole, it all became a lot less selfish.  New relationships were formed and old ones were strengthened all because I started to love to cook.  Isn’t it great how God sometimes uses our own ambitions for his glory?

That is what I love about food the most – it brings people together in very real ways.  In Mark 2 Christ gives us an important example of this when he dined with sinners and tax collectors in order to spread the good news.

In the time that I have been attending All Saints, my most cherished memories are of those times when new and old friends gathered around a table and shared a meal together.  And I am so looking forward to doing it again, this Sunday, at All Saints at the Table.

Below is a recipe for one of my favorite spring vegetables, asparagus.  It is quick, easy and perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Asparagus with Lemon Butter

24 thin asparagus spears (you can use however many you want though)
1 lemon
2 tablespoons butter
Kosher salt

Wash asparagus and line them up on a cutting board with the tops even. Cut off tough bottom ends.

Bring a skillet or oval casserole filled half full with salted water to boil. Dump in asparagus all at once. When water returns to the boil, cook asparagus until crisp-tender, about 1 to 3 minutes, depending on size. Drain.

Return asparagus to hot pan, squeeze lemon juice over top. Add butter, tossing to coat. Add kosher salt, to taste. Serve immediately.