Tim Keller, John Piper, D.A. Carson in black and white

What is the biblical relationship between works of mercy and the proclamation of the gospel? This is a question that comes up frequently, especially as our small groups get ready to pick service projects throughout Austin. How exactly to we hope to relieve someone of eternal suffering without neglecting their more immediate needs? Does the gospel message of the renewal of all things suffer when we do not meet the particular material needs of a community? 

Few people are more prepared to answer this question than John Piper or Tim Keller, and few men are more contrasting in their mannerisms (Piper's evangelical urgency and Keller’s quiet patience and confidence in the church's long view of the relief of suffering and the spread of the gospel). This video is the first in a series of six videos done for a conference, with D.A. Carson providing some of the questions.