Sheep who labor in love

Sheep who labor in love

Back in April, Pastor Bill spoke about being sheep and being shepherds, and how, in the life of the body (individual and corporate), we are sheep in some instances and shepherds in others.

One of our shepherds, Gene Kummerer, has been very busy shepherding his family through a health crisis these past months.  In so doing, he shared with us a burden on his heart of work around the house that had been neglected simply because he hadn’t the time, and wouldn’t have the time very soon, to accomplish it all.  So some of us sheep took on the role of shepherd and organized a very willing team of people to work on his fence.  Folks brought power washing equipment to use, others repaired rotted boards or power washed the fence, and we finally arrived at the point where we could apply the stain and finish the job.

This past Saturday, we had quite the crew of volunteers who gave up
their morning to stain the fence, some with paint rollers, others with
brushes, and a few with compressors and sprayers.  Several hearty souls
took on the task of sanding the back deck.  Twenty-three people in all
converged at the home on Eagle Feather (yes, the toddlers and napping
infant count) and completed the staining.  Providentially, it was
wrapped up less than an hour before the rains came.

It was a beautiful thing to see the body of Christ coming together,
people of all ages, from different backgrounds, talking together as
they worked, getting to know one another, simultaneously in the role of
worker sheep, but also in the role of caring shepherds, caring for the
Kummerers by carrying out this task.

We are grateful for this body, not only for the work that was done, but
for the willingness in which it serves: sometimes with food, sometimes
with prayer, this time with sweaty brows replenished with Gatorade and
hamburgers.  It’s very tangible, heartfelt, and joyful.  A gift from
our Lord.

Jill Essex