Looking Ahead

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…
1 Peter 1:3 (ESV)

Jesus’ resurrection brings with it a “living hope.”  In Him, there is reason to live, reason to labor, reason to run, reason to rest.  The resurrection gives us reason to look outward, to consider how the Lord might have us live as stewards of this rich treasure known as the “good news” of God in Christ.

Here are some tangible ways we are seeking to live in light of the resurrection at All Saints.  Please pray about these possibilities, and please keep these things in mind as you prepare to give to the church in the current year:

1.    Coordinator of Ministry to Children – All Saints has 115 children
six years and under.  We have another 80 children in 1st through 5th
grades.  It is high time we recruited a children’s coordinator to
develop our ministry to children and families.  Melissa Kummerer has
done a wonderful job keeping this afloat, but she agreed to do such
temporarily – 2.5 years ago!  This role would involve coming alongside
families to help our children grow in their faith, as well as equipping
us to better serve more of God’s people, like single moms and children
with special needs.  Please pray with us as we actively seek this

2.    All Saints Online Journal – The people of All Saints have very
interesting lives.  Many of us are engaged on a daily basis in creative
ventures.  Many of us thrive on cultural engagement, with the belief
that God is at work in the world and that people exhibit his glory in a
myriad of manners.  Thus, we have begun plans to transform our website to allow for articles, videos, online forums, and postings –
something like a journal of Christianity and Contemporary Culture.  We
envision articles by All Saints members and friends along with
frequently updated “lists” to assist people looking for ways to serve
the city and the poor, ways to engage with the arts, ways to grow in
understanding….  In other words, we want to make more public the way
that we already live, and we want to learn from one another.

3.    What if we could offer an All Saints Fellowship in Christianity
and Culture, a two year opportunity for college, and even seminary
graduates, to learn and serve in the context of the church?  This is
taking shape at present as we talk with three college graduates about
combination service/study programs with emphases on
accounting/missions/music, women’s hospitality, and youth ministry.

4.    Facility/Property.  We have not given up!  There are
possibilities at hand.  Please pray with us.  We are looking for venues
that provide a good location and ample room for weekly worship,
theological training, wholistic ministry and even the possibility of
partnership with other churches.  We will let you know specifics
whenever that is possible.

5.    Stewardship.  We have yet to do any real training in
stewardship.  We must begin to do so.  Why?  Because stewardship is
synonymous with sanctification.  The way we deal with time, money,
relationships, gifts…such is called stewardship and such reflects our
gospel understanding or lack thereof.  This is why we are seeking to
hone what God has given us, that we might serve Him better and become a
blessing in Christ to one another and to the people of our city.

Christ is risen!  And that changes everything.  As we seek to mature as
a Body, we will do so as those whose hope is not in vain, but living
and made manifest in the life of His Body, the Church..

The Lord bless you and keep you,